Triangle IceLink -Engineered in Finland-
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IceLink -Engineered in Finland-
IceLink -Engineered in Finland-
IceLink -Engineered in Finland-
IceLink -Engineered in Finland-

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Triangle IceLink -Engineered in Finland- Studded 205/60-16 T


(incl. vat: 24%)
(article no.: T2056016TRIANGLEICEL)

Engineered In Finland

A studded winter tyre engineered entirely in Finland!

Triangle is a genuine Nordic winter tyre engineered entirely in Finland. The engineering and development of the tyre involved numerous test drives and other tests in Lapland and culminated in the tests by Arctic Falls, a company specializing in vehicle, component and tyre tests. Triangle assigned Arctic Falls to test Triangle IceLink against Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7. The test results clearly indicated the superiority of Finnish engineering in the development of winter tyres.

In Arctic Falls' tyre testing, each characteristic of the reference tyre (the tyre against which the given tyre is being tested) is given a value of 100. The tested tyre is then compared with the reference tyre. Any test result with a value exceeding 100 benefits the tested tyre, while any value below 100 is considered a minus. Triangle IceLink beat Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 in all six characteristics for which the tyres were tested.

Tikka-nastat30% more studs

Compared to an average studded winter tyre, Triangle IceLink has as much as 30 % more studs. Although more studs have been used to improve the ice grip, tests have shown that, due to the innovative technology used by Triangle, the IceLink tyre doesn’t cause more wear to the road surface than an average winter tyre.

Triangle tyres use top-quality Finnish Tikka studs. To ensure the best possible quality, the studding work is done in Finland using fully automatic studding machines manufactured by the Finnish company A-Technic that represent the latest in tyre technology.

Triangle IceLink possesses all the qualities that you can expect from a true high-quality studded tyre:

·         Exceptionally low level of tyre noise

·         Uncompromising safety

·         Excellent grip in Nordic winter conditions

·         Superb stability and driving comfort

Speed index: T = 190 km/h

Load Index (LI) - Load index: 96 = 710 kg

M+S: Yes

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