Nokian Line
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Nokian Line 235/60-16 V DOT14


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Nokian Line

Wet Performer

  • Precise and stable in rapidly changing weather conditions
  • Unique grip and safety for wet roads
  • Comfort and economy

The high-performance Nokian Line summer tyre handles the rapidly changing road conditions of summer perfectly. The new innovations, including the Cross-block Sipes and Swoop Grooves, let the Nokian Line to allow precise steering and provide excellent grip, even on wet and slippery roads.

This new tyre, designed especially for high-powered cars, with a good, precise driving feel, offers uncompromisingly safe and comfortable travel from the beginning of spring until long into the autumn season.

New innovations maximize wet grip

The unique Cross-block Sipes on the centre ribs of the tyre work in two ways. Near the outer shoulder, the Cross Sipes are combined with firmer ribs to provide driving stability. The more heavily designed Cross Sipes on the ribs next to the inner shoulder ensure soft road contact, while reducing rolling resistance and noise levels.

To prevent aquaplaning, separate Swoop Grooves are also shaped in the transversal main grooves on the outer shoulder. These elliptical slots store more water as the volume of the transversal grooves increases. The shape ensures an excellent wet grip, even as the tyre wears.

Stable and precise, even at higher speeds

The typical inside-outside tread design of the test-winning Nokian summer tyre range adds to the driver comfort and makes the tyre easy to steer. The larger, bound pattern blocks on the outer shoulder give the tyre a firmer feel.

The strong center rib supports the mid-section, where a more rigid rubber compound has been added below the surface. This ensures safety even at higher speeds and in extreme conditions.

The precise driving feel is also accentuated by the Double Block Support on the outer shoulder. In addition, the shoulder areas are supported by 20-degree slants on the groove walls; this provides excellent driving comfort during cornering, lane changes, and evasion.

Eco-friendly, comfortable ride

The new tread compound, the Nokian Intelligent Silica, is developed especially for high speeds. The rubber compound represents the cutting-edge technology: it works in an exemplary manner throughout a wide range of temperatures, maximizing the wet grip. At the same time, it reduces heat generation while driving, thereby improving wear resistance.

Due to the new rubber compound, tread model and innovations, this new product from Nokian Tyres has exceptionally low rolling resistance. The Nokian Line tolerates varying road surfaces well, rolls lightly, consumes less fuel, and minimises the harmful CO2 emissions. 

New groove depth indicator and info area

This wet road champion has a new type of Driving Safety Indicator (DSI)patented by Nokian Tyres, on its tread surface. Now the DSI is easier to use than ever before. The numbers indicating groove depth and the water drop symbol indicating the risk of aquaplaning have been rotated so that they are immediately visible to a driver inspecting the tyres on a vehicle.

Speed index: V = 240 km/h

Load Index (LI) - Load index: 100 = 800 kg

DOT ca. 14

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