Nankang NS-2 Ultra Sport
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Nankang NS-2 Ultra Sport 165/35-17 V DOT16


(incl. vat: 24%)
(article no.: K1653517NANKANGNS2DOT)

Nankang NS-2 Ultra Sport is a sporty high-quality tyre optimized to provide top-notch traction and excellent handling properties on both dry and wet asphalt.

  • Two deep longitudinal grooves in the central area of the tread effectively remove water and ensure outstanding traction and controllability on wet asphalt.
  • The computer-optimized, V-shaped tread pattern of the tyre reduces the risk of aquaplaning even when there's a lot of water on the road and the car is moving at a high speed.
  • The siped construction of the shoulder makes the tyre wear more evenly and prolongs its service life.
  • The tread design with grooves of various depths spreading towards the sidewalls reduces the noise levels and provides a more comfortable driving experience.

The Taiwanese Nankang is one of the oldest and most traditional tyre manufacturers in Asia. Nankang's main priority has always been the quality of its products: the company is dedicated to making tyres that not only meet but exceed all modern quality requirements. That is why Nankang tyres bear comparison with any other brand tyres.

Speed index: V = 240 km/h

Load Index (LI) - Load index: 75 = 387 kg

DOT ca. 16

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