Nankang NS-2R Racing Medium 180 225/45R17 W

Vat 24%
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Article no.K2254517NANKANGNS2RACE
Availability In stock 4-23 pcs
Season Summer
Tyre typePassenger car
Speed indexW = 270 km/h
Load Index94 = 670 kg
Rim protectorYes

NS-2R logoNankang NS-2R Racing is a pure-blooded racing tyre that performs best on a race track. The tyre also has an E-approval for road use. Medium/soft version, with a tread wear of 180.

  • The almost slick-like tread design consists of large blocks that enhance the tyre's rigid feel and provide excellent traction and handling properties when cornering.
  • Sharp shoulder areas provide a wider contact patch than regular tyres of the same size, thus improving the grip.
  • The soft rubber compound of the tyre is optimized for outstanding traction.
  • Three longitudinal grooves improve the wet grip.

The Taiwanese Nankang is one of the oldest and most traditional tyre manufacturers in Asia. Nankang's main priority has always been the quality of its products: the company is dedicated to making tyres that not only meet but exceed all modern quality requirements. That is why Nankang tyres bear comparison with any other brand tyres.

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