Profil ProSport 2 retreaded 225/45R17 W

Vat 24%
Product information
Article no.K2254517PROFILPROSPO2
Availability 0 pcs
Season Summer
Tyre typePassenger car
Speed indexW = 270 km/h
Load Index91 = 615 kg

Profil ProSport 2 - good for the environment and for your wallet!

When you're looking for tyres, Profil ProSport 2 is a low-priced, environmentally friendly option. When a tyre is retreaded, most of it is reused, which means considerably less strain on the environment compared to purchasing a brand new tyre. Moreover, unlike most other environmentally friendly products, retreaded tyres are quite cheap and hence an excellent choice for an environmentally and economically conscious driver.

Compared to their price, Profil tyres provide great traction, excellent handling properties and a comfortable driving experience. These European quality tyres are manufactured using only casings that are in a good condition.

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