All prices include 24% VAT and are published in euros (€). Tires and wheels are shown in unit prices.

NOTE - If you add a tire or wheel to the cart, the system will automatically puts 4 tires / rim. Quantity of products you can change the page that opens after clicking "add to cart" link.

We ship to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.


How to order?

        1. Create yourself an account in by clicking the "Create new account" link. By registering, we will create a personal account for you. Entering your data select your country from the list. Then login.
        2. Select the products you want to buy.
        3. Click "Order"       
        4. Choose the appropriate method of delivery (currently only DPD).
        5. Choose the appropriate method of payment (currently only Visa / MasterCard).
        6. Confirm Order.
        7. Perform a payment for chosen products
        8. Please wait until you are transfered back to

Methods of payment

You can pay for purchases by Visa or Mastercard credit card. The credit card information is processed securely, and credit card numbers are not saved. After confirming the order, you will be directed to a secure payment page of the Finnish company Luottokunta (in English). Do not forget to return to the page after inserting the correct credit card information to pay for purchases. If the subscription is successful, then a confirmation letter will be sent to your email address.

Delivery method and date

Items will be delivered to your home by DPD. Transit time depends on the shipping country, see the list below. To arrange a suitable delivery time, do not forget to enter your contact number, from which it is possible to  contact you during the day. If you can not be contacted during the delivery, then please contact the courier company for receiving your items - DPD


Delivery costs

Cost of delivery for 4 products depends on the shipping country. By this we mean a set of 4 tires, 4 wheel rim (ie, a total of 4 wheels) and mounting. You can order up to 4 products with the cost below. From 5 products up you pay the same amount again for every 4 products.


Country  Cost (VAT 24% for small items)
Cost (inc. VAT 24%) Delivery time 
Austria 24,95 €
50,90 €3-4 business days
Belgium 24,95 €
50,90 €3-4 business days
Bulgaria 50,95 €
106,90 €5-7 business days
Croatia 35,95 €
73,90 €5-6 business days
Czech Republic 24,95 €
50,90 €4-5 business days
Denmark 14,95 €
31,90 €2-3 business days
Estonia 9,90 €29,90 €2-3 business days
France 24,95 €
50,90 €4-5 business days
Germany 15,95 €
33,90 € 3-4 business days
Great Britain 26,95 €
55,90 €4-6 business days
Greece 50,95 €
106,90 €5-7 business days
Hungary 25,95 €
53,90 €3-5 business days
Ireland 31,95 €
67,90 €4-6 business days
Italy 31,95 €
67,90 €4-6 business days
Latvia 12,95 €
25,90 €1-2 business days
Lithuania 12,95 €
27,90 €2-3 business days
Luxembourg 24,95 €
50,90 €3-4 business days
The Netherlands 24,95 €
50,90 €3-4 business days
Portugal 35,95 €
73,90 €5-6 business days
Poland 21,95 €
44,90 €2-3 business days
Romania 50,95 €
106,90 €5-7 business days
Slovakia 26,95 €
55,90 €3-5 business days
Slovenia 26,95 €
55,90 €3-5 business days
Spain 31,95 €
67,90 €4-6 business days



For all products are given warranty for 12 months. The warranty does not cover improper installation errors or misuse.


Product Return Policy

Products may only be returned free of charge within 14 days if you have received the wrong item or if the product has been found to be defective within the applicable warranty. Otherwise the shipping fee to Finland has to be paid by the customer. We will refund you based on the condition of the product. Products returns must be sent in the original packaging.

Customer Data Protection

We will not disclose customer information to third parties or use customer information for marketing purposes without permission.