Nankang NS-20 Noble Sport 245/30R22 W DOT20

Nankang NS-20 Noble Sport 245/30R22 W DOT20

Vat 24%
Product information
Article no.K2453022NANKANGNS20DOT
Availability Outlet product 6 pcs
Season Summer
Tyre typePassenger car
Speed index W = 270 km/h
Load Index 95 = 690 kg
DOT ca.20

Nankang NS-20 Ultra Sport is a sporty high-quality tyre for large cars. It is optimized to provide top-notch traction and excellent handling properties on both dry and wet asphalt.

  • Four wide longitudinal grooves effectively remove water, thus improving controllability and shortening the braking distance in rainy conditions as well as reducing the risk of hydroplaning.
  • Narrow longitudinal grooves contribute to drainage and play an important role in minimizing the tyre's wear.
  • Sipes on the tyre's shoulder blocks reduce both the level of tyre noise and shoulder rigidity, thus enhancing driving comfort.
  • Tiny lateral kerfs effectively reduce the level of tyre noise.
  • A new top-quality, heavily silicated rubber compound provides the best possible traction regardless of the conditions.

Combining tradition with state-of-the-art know-how and technology, Taiwan-based Nankang is one of the oldest tyre manufacturers in Asia. Nankang's main priority has long been the quality of its products: the company is dedicated to making tyres which not only meet but exceed all modern quality requirements. That is why Nankang tyres bear comparison with any other manufacturer's tyres.



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