Vitour Galaxy R1 White Ring 20 mm
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Galaxy R1 White Ring 20 mm
Galaxy R1 White Ring 20 mm

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Vitour Galaxy R1 White Ring 20 mm 155/80-15 H


(incl. vat: 24%)
(article no.: K1558015VITOURR1WSW)

Vitour Galaxy R1 combines the beautiful classic whitewall design with all the properties of a modern premium tire.

Tires are wrapped at factory in aluminium foil to deliver you this beautiful, special tire in mint condition, without any black marks on the whitewall due to rubbing against other tires.

Whitewall size is 20 mm = 3/4 inch

Whitewall is protected by blue cover colour. Use water to wash the tyre with sponge or brush to highlight the whitewall.

Speed index: H = 210 km/h

Load Index (LI) - Load index: 82 = 475 kg

M+S: Yes

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