Linglong GreenMax EcoTouring 145/70R13 T

Vat 24%
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Article no.K1457013LINGLONGGRMET
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Season Summer
Tyre typePassenger car
Speed index T = 190 km/h
Load Index 71 = 345 kg
Fuel EfficiencyD
Wet grip classC
Noise classB
Noise (dB)70
Linglong GreenMax EcoTouring – safe and quiet

Excellent driving characteristics, security even in demanding summer weather circumstances, and a low noise level make Linglong EcoTouring reliable and popular. GreenMax EcoTouring is a safe summer tyre that combines the best traits of modern tyre technology: driver’s comfort, safety and durability.

Linglong has an outstanding customer satisfaction rate

According to a customer satisfaction survey conducted in Finland the customer satisfaction rate of Linglong tyres is excellent. Up to 66% of the participants said that Linglong tyres exceeded their expectation either with a large margin (41%) or a little (25%). Only 3% said that they were disappointed with their tyres.

Especially the price-quality ratio was complimented, with a point average of 4.5 / 5. Also, the grip on dry surface was graded highly (4.4 / 5). The other traits of the tyres also had great overall reviews. Customers who have purchased Linglong tyres once will often purchase the brand again. Up to 86% will keep purchasing Linglong products either definitely (51%) or very likely (35%). Only 2% said that they would rather purchase other brands in the future.

See customers’ comments on the Linglong tyres below: 

“Simply unbelievable tyres considering the price, I will purchase a second set for another car next spring. I don’t even need to consider other brands.”

“Unbelievably good tyres, it’s hard to imagine that I would change to another brand ever again.”

“Currently the best tyre in the market in terms of the price-quality ratio.”

“Does not pale next to the so called high-class tyres, I will definitely keep buying them.”

“Green Max is really a great tyre in terms of the price-quality ratio next to the so called premium brands, and for less than half the price. I genuinely recommend trying the tyre and to be surprised!”

“Turns out you can get good quality for a cheap price”

“I use Linglongs in my cars both as summer and winter tyres, as winter tyres they are not as good as the more expensive ones, as the studs don’t grip the ice as perfectly at start, but the summer tyres are excellent. I’m very happy with the price-quality ratio.”

“An excellent tyre, especially in terms of the price-quality ratio.”

“I have been very happy with the tyres even though I had a prejudice against Chinese tyres.”

“The price-quality ratio is spot on. I think they are excellent tyres considering the price. The noise was not disturbing, as is usually the case with inexpensive tyres, and the grip on dry and wet surfaces was good. I will most likely buy my next set of summer tyres from Linglong as well.”

“They are good to drive both on wet and dry surfaces, the noise level is acceptable, the durability is in my opinion good.”

“Good and Cheap tyres – there could be more sizes!”

“I purchased 18 inch wheels and by chance ended up trying Linglongs as they were clearly more inexpensive than the other brands. The positive reviews of the brand in question also affected my decision. So far, I have been very happy with the noise level, as I expected it to be higher with the 225/45 profile. Also, the fuel consumption has stayed nearly the same.”

”I wanted to purchase them due to the inexpensive price. I will buy another set as well if the price stays low.”

“Good tyres for a cheap price.”

“Despite (or because of…) the funny name the tyres are good considering their price! I recommended Linglongs to my friend and now he has the same tyres on his car :)”

“Super good. The best tires I’ve used in terms of the price-quality ratio.”

“Excellent summer tyres considering the price!”

“A happy surprise and I’ve been very satisfied”

“Inexpensive and quality-wise the same if not better than the loud, more expensive so called high-class tyres”

“The price meets the quality even in the larger sizes. :)”

“At first, I was a bit suspicious of the unfamiliar brand, but based on the test results I decided to take the risk and was positively surprised. I haven’t had any issues with the summer tyres in any weather circumstances. Next I need to purchase winter tyres and the only reasonable choice seems to be Linglong.”

”Just as good as Nokia”

“I am very satisfied.”

”Excellent price-quality ratio and the profile of the tyre looks like an actual tyre.. Two of my neighbours have also purchased tyres after my recommendations..”

“Good tyres, I’ll buy another set as well”

“Good price-quality ratio.”

“Definitely the best Chinese tyres I’ve come across. The grip exceeded my expectations both on wet and dry surfaces. The only con is that the tyre is a bit slow to steer. I have recommended them to many and the others have also been very satisfied!”

“Very good considering the price.”

“Good tyre for a good price, can’t complain, works well at least for a Volvo.”

“Unbelievable price-quality ratio :D”

“Good and competitive tyre.”

”Super good tyre.”

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