SteyrTek ST-BS-A12 Bead lifter Bazooka

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SteyrTek lifter booster is a necessity for every garage and tyre shop.

The main difference between SteyrTek is Bazuukas style. 

  • Tank volume: approx. 12 litres
  • Weight: approx.  8 kg
  • Button-operated discharge
  • Maximum pressure:   bar

SteyrTek lifter booster is CE approved and has an EU Certificate of Conformity.

It's often very difficult to mount a tyre on a wheel if the tyre has flattened after a long storing period. In addition, modern car wheels tend to be quite wide, which only makes the mounting job even harder. However, there is a solution to this problem.

SteyrTek bead lifter turns one of the most unpleasant and time-consuming routines of a tyre shop into an quick and easy job. All you have to do is fill the bead booster with air until the pressure within the tank reaches the required level, place the barrel between the tyre bead and the wheel flange, and release the manual valve in order to allow a blast of air to set the bead.

Note! Hold the bead lifter steady during operation! If the impact of the air blast makes the device move backwards, you may have to repeat the procedure until the tyre is properly set on the wheel.

It will take only a week for this SteyrTek bead lifter to pay itself off in saved work time!

SteyrTek bead lifter can be used for mounting passenger car and van tyres. Due to its small size, the device is easy to carry and transport, for example, in a service van.

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